What is
The sole licensed GEOMET® coating provider in Malaysia.
(licensing from NOF Metal Coating Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.)
NOF METAL COATINGS has an innovative proposition : Environmental awareness has in recent years encompassed
the globle, snd increasingly stringent laws are being enacted to regulate toxic substances. Among others, the use of hexavalent chromium-a substance heretofore widely used as an effective coating for the prevention of rust- is likely to be regulated and phased out under the new environmental regulations, chiefly those being adopted in the U.S. and Europe. Responding to this trend, NOF METAL COATINGS, in collaboration with NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP, has developed GEOMET based on DACROTIZED, the rust-preventive coating technology that has been perfected through 30 years of real-world application. The new, chromium-free coating technology is the fruit of many years' collaboration among these three companies.
GEOMET® was born as a new chromium-free coating technology. Now, as a result of continuing improvement, we are offering the lastest version, GEOMET® 720.
GEOMET® coating film has a silver-metallic look. Layers of metal flakes are connected with one another through the use of a special inorganic binder.
Because the film is extremely thin-only about 8mm-it won't negatively affect the optimal fit between bolts and nuts. 2C2B is the standard manufacturing process.