The sole licensed GEOMET® coating provider in Malaysia.
(licensing from NOF Metal Coating Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.)
GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based dispersed coating containing metal oxide, metallic zinc and aluminium flakes. GEOMET® coating is applied in liquid form. Its coating film possess a silver-metallic appearance. Its coating film is extremely thin, measuring at 8 - to microns.
GEOMET® Treatment Process
GEOMET® Treatment Features
GEOMET® treatment is free from Chromium and other hazardous substance such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and others (fit for ecological situation)
GEOMET® treatment is a coating that provides very high degree of corrosion resistance when tested in both the Salt Spray Test and Cyclic Corrosion Test.
Superb Resistant to Heat and Corrosion
GEOMET® coating film contains no crystalline water or organic resins that can easily deteriorate under heat, so the film withstands high temperature for an extended period of time.
4. Superior Prevention of Galvanic Corrosion of Aluminium
GEOMET® coating effectively suppresses the consumption of zinc metal, due in part to the fact that its corrosion potential which is close to that of aluminium, and partly due to its controlled sacrificing protection effect over zinc. As a result, GEOMET® provides lasting protection against galvanic corrosion with aluminum.
When stainless steel is coated with GEOMET, the corrsion potential of the stainless surface can be reduced, thereby preventing the pitting corrosion that can otherwise occur through contact with aluminum.
Excellent Coating Properties
GEOMET® generates rust proof film even on the inner surface. (example : pipes)
No Hydrogen Brittleness
GEOMET® coating application process does not require acid pickling or involving electroplating.
Applicable for Various Metals
GEOMET® coating can be applied over a wide range of material from iron and coat iron to stainless steel, aluminium and sintered metals.
Excellent Electric Conductivity
GEOMET® coating possesses a concentration of metallic flakes that allows electrical current to be easily conducted through the substrates.
GEOMET® enables metal parts to obtain the required coefficient of friction with an additional exclusive treatment.
Overcoat Can Be Applied On GEOMET® Coating.
The overcoat compatibility of GEOMET® coating was verified with solvent-type melamine alkyd resin baking coating and powder coating. As shown, both overcoats showed excellent appearance and cross-cut adhesion strength.
GEOMET® Treatment Application
Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles parts.
Marine transportation parts.
Agricultural fittings, Greenhouse parts
Home appliances, industrial parts, electrical components and gas products
Power facilities
Housing construction materials
Bridge structural parts
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