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(licensing from NOF Metal Coating Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.)
DACROMET® possesses a silver gray appearance. Its composition consists of dry chromium inorganic polymer which bonds metallic zinc flakes to the surface. Its coating film measuresfrom 6 - 8µm
DACROMET® Treatment Process
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DACROMET® Treatment Features
A comparison of the DACROTIZED treatment and zinc electroplating.
DACROMET® treatment is free from pollution control problems.
Operating under strict pollution control, we have been operating the DACROTIZED process under the guidelines of meeting the requirement of environmental protection and maintaining the health of operating personnel.
  Concerning Water Pollution:
As illustrated in the preceeding table, the DACROTIZED treatment is a coating system. From the beginning to the end of the entire process, there is no water cleaning that is required, no harmful substance specified in regulations are discharged into public waters. Before the actual applications of the DARCROTIZED treatment, there may be various methods used to prepare the substrate.
If any such preparation steps are performed that will cause pollution or if the concentration and discharge of the polluting substance exceeds the standards allowed, adequate arrangements for the anti-pollution treatment of such waste materials must be included in the process.
  Concerning Air Pollution:
The volatile matter produced during the curing process is almost totally water.
It does not contain ant harmful specimens that are specfied by regulation. With regard to any particular substances specified by the regulations, they are much less than limits impossed.
Also, there are almost no occurrances of bad fumes in the exhausting gases.
  Concerning the Working Environment:
Any particular substances specified in the regulations are either below detection limits or very slight in volume (far lower values than the allowed values in the regulations)
  Concerning Industrial Waste:
In normal operations, there are no waste chemicals emitted. If there are some waste chemicals created due to the ageing of the bath composition itself or to the rinse water used for cleaning up the equipment, such waste chemicals must be stored in a safety storage area. If requested, we well dispose of these chemicals under our full responsibility, charging only the actual cost involved.
DACROMET® treatment is completely free from hydrogen embrittlement.
This is a surface treatment that does not cause hydogen embrittlement.
This is the DACROTIZED treatment. Since acid picking is not employed in the DACROTIZED process, there is no danger of hydrogen absorption and embrittlement occurring. Hydrogen embrittlement can be a problem with zinc electroplating.
Experiment example : Hydrogen embrittlement of hose clamp.
Material : 1065 carbon steel
Diameter of wire : 2.32mm
Inside diameter : 1/2inch (12.7mm)
Heat treatment : Concersion point 893 Oil hardening temperature 315-427
Hardness : Rc53
Test condition : three different types of treatment applied to clamps which were put in a steel bar of a 15mm diameter size and checked for breakage.
Altough it might be stated that it is possible to remove hydrogen embrittlement by a heat treatment process, it is never 100% efficient. To the contrary, it is considered to be extremely diffcult to eliminate the damage of hydrogen embrittlement despite long heat treatment times.
DACROMET® is an excellent corrosion resistant coating treatment.
The Dacrotized treatment provides outstanding corrosion resistance compared to other existing metal surface treatments. For example, when it is compared with dichromate zinc electroplating or hot dip galvanized, the rust resistance is considerably higher.
Rust Resistance test after screws are torqued in.
The following photograph shows the test result after 360 hours salt spray exposure (ASTM B-117) on self-tapping screws (M3 with cross hollow )torqued into a 3mm thick steel plate with a power driven screw driver (2500 rpm)
4. DACROMET® is an excellent corrosion resistant at higher temperature.
The durability of the DACROTIZED treatment after exposure to high temperatures is excellent. It is not affected by continuous exposure at 250°C.
Zinc electroplating (dichromate treatment) is easily damaged at the chromate film by temperatures of only about 100°C, which start an apparent colour change rapidly decrease the ability to withstand corrosion.
5. DACROMET® possesses excellent powder application.
DACRODIP, the coating composition, creates a corrosion resistant coating on even the most difficult to reach surface areas of the parts being coated. For example, even a tightly contacting coil spring can be DACROTIZED, creating a 240 hour rust resistant coating a 240 hour rust resistant coating even on the areas of the coil that become exposed during extension of the spring. The DACROTIZED treatment can be applied even on the inside and outside of pipe sections and provides good corrosion resistance. In comparison, zinc plating is not suitable for such an application. Thus, the DACROTIZED treatment is possible to apply on extremely precise spaces providing a surface treatment on nearly all odd shaped objects.
The following chart shows the excellent adhesion developed when DACROTIZED surfaces are painted. The following charts also shows the results when DACROTIZED parts are compared to zinc plated parts as a base for topcoating.
6. The Excellent Chemical Resistance of the DACROTIZED Treatment.
Exposure to a wide variety of chemicals has no effect on DACROTIZED surfaces. Test pieces were immersed in the following liquids for 216 hours (9 days) at ambient temperature and then exposed in the air for another 216 hours.
Organic Solvent (Benzene, Gasoline, N-Heptane)
Anti-freeze Fluid
Grease (Calcium-based and lithium-based grease)
Windshield Washer Fluid
Brake Fluid
Lubrication Oil
Engine Oil
Leak Detector
  In all of the above cases, there was no detectable effect recognized.
Both the acid and alkali resistance of DACROTIZED surfaces are about the same of those of zinc plating.
Three percent hydrochloric acid damages the film within ten minutes and 3% caustic solution within one hour. Under acid and alkaline conditions, a topcoat over the DACROTIZED surface will prevent attack.
DACROKOTE is an example of an excellent topcoat for this application.
7. The Weatherability of DACROTIZED Surfaces
On exposure to highly polluted atmospheric industrial environments, there is some attack of DACROTIZED surfaces. Under ordinary atmospheric conditions, the DACROTIZED coating provides a very long life which is proportional to the thickness of the coating itself.
DACROMET® Applications and Potential Uses

The DACROTIZED surface can be applied to a variety of metals including iron, alloys, cast iron, copper, nickel, zinc and their alloys, aluminium, magnesium and their alloys, die cast products and powdered metals (by special treatment).
This again points to numerous potential uses in a wide variety of applications.

  Some current uses and potential uses of the DACROTIZED treatment are:
Auto Parts.
Bolt, nuts, small screws, tapping screws, washers, clips, coil springs, brackets, connectros, electric parts and many other small parts. (The coating is especially effective for corrosion problems en-countered with deicing salt.)
Electrical Appliances.
Parts for air conditioners, refrigerators, washers and dryers, water pumps and television antenna.
Civil Engineering and Construction Industry.
High tension bolts, nails, fence fasteners, scaffolding metal parts, hinges and parts for the electric construction industry.
Marine Parts.
Many parts of marine engines.
Instruments and any parts that require corrosion protection.